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Dental Insurance Plans

Your dental professional is highly trained and their treatment recommendations are based on your dental health needs, not dictated by your dental coverage. A dental plan is a contract between a third party (like your employer) and the insurance company. The procedures, percentages and yearly maximums are determined by this contract. Every plan is different and as we do not know the particulars of your plan, it is important that you know your plan coverage and keep us up to date with any changes. Most insurance companies have strict privacy policies in place and we cannot access your information unless you are present to speak with them. Ask your benefits manager or insurance provider for a plan booklet or other information on your specific coverage.

We are happy to help you understand your coverage and assist you in getting pre-authorizations for necessary treatment. This will provide you with an estimate of what is covered and what your financial responsibility will be before the treatment is begun. Most dental plans cover between 50-80% of the cost of treatment. Any portion of the fee not covered by your plan is your responsibility and is referred to as the co-payment (like the deductible on your car insurance).

As a service to our patients, we bill the insurance company directly for the covered portion of your treatment. We are not required to do this. The full cost of the procedure including the co-payment or the cost of any services not covered by your plan is due at the time treatment is provided.

How are Dental Fees Determined?

The BC College of Dental Surgeons produces an annual fee guide for dentists and dental specialists in BC to follow. The majority of insurance plans base coverage percentages on this fee guide.

No Insurance Plan?

If you have no insurance plan it is your responsibility to cover the full cost of your treatment at the time it is delivered to you. We are happy to give you an estimate before your treatment so that you have an idea of what the fee will be. We follow the dental fee guide for all treatment regardless of whether you have dental insurance coverage or not.

White Filling vs Silver Fillings

Please note that there is a fee difference between white (composite) fillings and silver (amalgam) fillings on molar (back) teeth. Many plans do not cover the full cost of white fillings on molar teeth. You may want to check your plan details if you wish to know ahead of time what type of coverage your plan offers to help your decision about which material you would like.

Types of Payment

We accept Visa, Mastercard, Direct Debit, personal cheques and cash.

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