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Used as a replacement for a missing tooth, bridges are permanently attached to adjoining teeth or to dental implants. As an alternative to dental implants or dentures, bridges are used. They are essential because the teeth on each side of the missing tooth can move and possibly result in gum disease. Bridges can be made with either porcelain or gold.

The benefits of dental bridges are:

  • Long-lasting option
  • Restores ability to chew effectively
  • Maintain face shape
  • Restore smile
  • Prevention of erosion and moving
  • Aesthetically appealing
Bridge (Impression)


A dental crown is a covering, shaped like a tooth, which is positioned over the existing tooth and is secured using dental cement. They are used to increase the strength or look of the tooth. Crowns require a dental impression to be taken in order to construct them effectively.

Crowns are made from porcelain or gold but can also be a mixture of metal alloy and porcelain.

Using porcelain can make the crown look more natural and aesthetically pleasing. Gold crowns tend to be used for the back teeth. They are easier to fit than porcelain because less of the tooth needs to be removed.

Crowns are used to preserve broken or worn teeth. They can also be used to cover dental implants, bridges, or a tooth with a major filling.

Single Crown (Impression)

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