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At Metrotown Dental Clinic we treat patients of all ages, including children. Starting an early routine of good oral health for your child will help them to develop good dental habits for their teenage and adult years.

We ensure our younger patients enjoy a stress-free and fun visit. We encourage that children are introduced to regular dental check-ups from three years old. In our experience, we’ve noticed that introducing children at a young age show less fear later in life.Many children can show signs of anxiety and worry as changes occur to their oral health as they develop. Regularly visiting their dentist will help them to deal with these issues.

Healthwise, finding any potential tooth issues early on may prevent the problem from developing over time. A child’s regular record of dental development and health will help us to make informed decisions.

What will happen during your child’s first visit to the dentist?

The dentist will:

  • Thoroughly check the teeth and gums, and your child’s mouth
  • Assess the effects of habits like thumb sucking
  • Teach them how to clean their teeth properly, including gum cleaning
  • Review and discuss an appropriate schedule for regular dental check-ups.

To help your child to feel prepared for their first visit to the dentist, here are some tips:

  • Talk to your child about your positive experiences at the dentist
  • Begin to introduce your child to the dentist by using books and the internet
  • Take them on a virtual ‘tour’ of the dentist.

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