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Night Guards

A night guard provided by your dentist will be custom made, comfortable and will protect your teeth from clenching and grinding while sleeping.

Standard mouth guards can be uncomfortable, but your dentist can design a slimmer Invisalign night guard. They are almost invisible and can, therefore, be used for daytime protection too.

Night guards can be worn during the day to relieve pain from the jaw and joints for patients suffering from TMJ or teeth grinding. A night guard can also help to avoid expensive dental work such as bridges, crowns, and implants as a result of teeth grinding.

Using a night guard can also protect orthodontic patients from shifting or drifting of the teeth.

Snore Guards

During sleep, the relaxing of the jaw can cause the soft tissues at the back of the throat to vibrate, resulting in snoring. Using a snore guard will reposition the bottom jaw forwards, therefore opening the airway for better airflow and a reduction in snoring, giving you a restful sleep.

Athletic Guards

Protecting the teeth when participating in contact sports such as rugby, lacrosse or football can be achieved by using an athletic mouth guard.

The sports guard is custom-designed, which makes it more comfortable, non-chafing, less bulky and will provide better cushioning resulting in less wear and tear.

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