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If you have dentures or have lost one or more teeth and you want a permanent solution, a restorative implant may be the answer. By replacing missing teeth, a patient can improve their self-esteem, chewing, and how they talk. Perhaps you’ve lost teeth due to aging, disease, or due to an accident. By having an implant restoration, you can get your smile back.

Dental Restorative Implants Fact:

  • Long-lasting – dental implants can last a lifetime if looked after properly
  • Durable – the dental implant fuses to the bone, therefore making the implant the most durable option
  • Healthy solution – they do not require any reduction of the surrounding teeth
  • Natural-looking – dental implants are made to look like natural teeth
  • Aesthetically pleasing – restoration implants can restore confidence.

Dental Restorative Implants Process:

  • The implant replaces the old root in the jawbone
  • The dental implant fuses to the bone over the course of 2-6 months; the existing bone is the anchor for the new artificial tooth
  • Next, the new replacement tooth is designed. Once completed, the new tooth gets attached to the implant.
  • If a patient has lost more than one tooth, it is possible to create an implant-supported bridge that can replace the missing teeth.
Bridge Versus an Implant

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